Our engagement

We have been bringing high-quality Italian charcuterie to homes all over the world for over 100 years. A commitment made up of many activities and that applies to everything we do, beginning with the packaging of our products.

Work group

We have created a work group that brings together different skills, with the goal of examining our packaging and evaluating solutions with lower environmental impact, without ever jeopardising the high quality of our products, in a fight against food waste.


Packaging accompanies our charcuterie products all the way to our homes, protecting and preserving our deli meats. We are committed to using “good packaging” materials: throughout the life cycle of the products, these materials can simultaneously ensure safety, high quality, and lower environmental impact. With this goal in mind, we always make the best choice, only replacing our packaging with more innovative ones that can ensure the fulfilling of these parameters.

Less plastic

We have been working closely with different partners to find solutions that aim to reduce the use of plastic or to have it replaced by other materials, all the while maintaining the quality and duration of our products unaltered.