Our engagement begins in 1907 when we start to bring Italian quality delicatessen to the tables in all over the world. A daily engagement that consists in a lot of activities and which applies to everything we do.


One of the aspects of this engagement is packaging that brings our pre-sliced products to the houses of all of us. Package protects, preserves and delivers products all over the world, preserving their quality, known by everyone and to whom we’ve been faithful throughout our history.


Some years ago, we’ve put together a team, with several corporate skills, with the aim to re-examine our packages and evaluate solutions in order to reduce food waste and environmental impact.

food safety

Considering the delicacy of our cold cuts, since long time we’re focused on the packaging materials in order to create a “good packaging” that preserves the quality and freshness of our products throughout their life-cycle, with the minimum environmental impact. That’s why we make the best choice: changing our packages with others more innovative respecting all these requirements.

Less plastic

Concerning plastic, we’re working with some partners to find solutions in order to reduce its usage, especially in our cold cuts package.